Elisabeth Fayt

February 2012

Calgarian Elisabeth Fayt reaches the human spirit with her practical teachings of spirituality, the power of thought and how people can pave the way to the life they have imagined.

Elisabeth is a successful business woman, best-selling author of Paving it Forward, inspirational speaker, Reiki Master, mother and mentor in her community and around the world.

She speaks softly, with thoughtful intention and has a calm demeanor that immediately draws a person in.

Elisabeth says she has always been a spiritual person and was raised in a devout household as a child. However, after she left Ontario, she says she fell away from the church she grew up with.

She went through a period of time in her life where she had abundance of material things, but despite her success in many areas of her life she found herself quite empty.

She refers to this period as her “dark years.”

At the age of 30, Elisabeth hit a turning point when she found a book entitled, Where there is Light by Paramahansa Yogananda. This was the beginning of her new spiritual journey and from that point on; she spent every free moment learning and studying with the local Masters of India.

After owning a restaurant of her own and later working as personal assistant to Ron Joyce, co-founder of Tim Hortons, she opened RnR Wellness The Spa, which is situated in the Fairmont Palliser Hotel.

Elisabeth exudes a true entrepreneurial spirit and is confident in the most modest sense.

“I left a six-figure job to go start my own company, but there was no fear at all.

“I knew what I wanted to do; I knew I would be successful.”

What she didn’t know was exactly how it all would happen. However, she said the Masters of India teach “making, making, one day made,” so she focused on the making.

She went through hardships and set-backs in the beginning, but she had a vision of being successful and nothing was going to get in the way of that vision.

“I was always successful, even when people didn’t think I was.

“So, we are what we think we are.”

It was always part of her plan to be an inspirational speaker.  After she returned from a 10-day silent retreat, she wrote a course, rented space at the Westin, put up posters and filled the room with 30 people.

“There’s nothing that I am saying that another speaker hasn’t already said.”

Elisabeth considers herself unique because of the stories she tells, how she tells them and the way she delivers them.  The words she chooses are always carefully thought out to deliver the most powerful message.

Her best-selling book Paving it Forward is compartmentalized into different aspects of one’s life and thoughtfully explains the power of one’s thoughts and conscious intentions towards these areas.

The book is written with a realistic approach that people can easily apply to their everyday life.

She also offers a 12-week “mentor me” program and guides students through lessons and live group calls each month.

Elisabeth reflects on parenthood and it is immediately obvious that being a mother ranks highest in regards to who she is.

She drops everything when she is with her son in order to fully be with him. She advises parents to be present with their children and says that if they are not present; they are not available to their child.

“You miss the miracle of them.”

Her favorite moment of the day is the moment she is in. She describes being present as the most important thing and something she practices on a daily basis.

She gracefully holds back her tears, as she explains that losing her father was the lesson that taught her to be present.

“What it taught me was that the most important person is the one that’s in front of you, and the most important task is the one that you’re doing.”

There is no separation for her anymore between her work as a teacher and her life. She is constantly teaching, learning and looking for ways to inspire and uplift people.

Neha Nayak, a student of Elisabeth, says she was seeking a spiritual leader after moving to Calgary from Boston. She stumbled upon Elisabeth’s book and later dropped it off at RnR Wellness to be autographed.

Soon afterward, they met in person. Neha says she felt a connection upon meeting Elisabeth, which ultimately led her to sign up for her “mentor me” program.

The greatest lesson Elisabeth has taught her is to “be in the moment,” feel the presence of God and everything will work out.

Neha says that Elisabeth’s message is very simple and anyone can apply her teachings to their life right away, by putting it into practice and seeing a difference.

“I would say don’t question it, just do it.”

She says Elisabeth has changed her life.

“If I am lost I rely on her.”

Kelly Tarso, spa director at RnR Wellness, has been working for Elisabeth since October of 2012.

She instantly trusted Elisabeth when they were sitting at Elisabeth’s kitchen table discussing Kelly’s potential role at the spa.

She describes Elisabeth’s positivity as contagious.

Elisabeth trusts Kelly to handle situations that arise at work and always offers support.

She helps put a positive spin on how a situation can be perceived and handled.

“She always rephrases my sentences and makes me repeat them,” explains Kelly.

Kelly says that Elisabeth’s friendship and support impacts her the most. She is a friend as well as a boss.

Elisabeth’s husband, Anton Shouli, says the biggest lesson he has learned from his wife is to “be more spiritual,” because spirituality encompasses everything that she teaches.

Elisabeth never ceases to amaze him, and he feels that she is unique because she truly practices what she preaches.

To Anton, Elisabeth is unique because she shies away from high-paying speaking engagements and isn’t focused on just making money.

“She would rather speak to a small group of people and donate her time, because she knows that she can make a difference.

“That’s what she’s about.”